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Hi, I'm Babith

Male / 30

Sun Sign: Libra
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Hello..I am babith from India.

I would be in a position to help you get Ayurvedic oils ,medicines and
therapist from India at very reasonable or profitable rate.I have a
lot of contacts with Ayurvedic doctors and medicine manufactures.i
would also be able to join your Ayurveda center and train new
therapist as well as help you in marketing Ayurveda in your country. .

As I have told you before on my first mail that my core interest would
be on Ayurveda and on how we could market, expand Ayurvedic spas in
international hotels and Spa's or massage centers..

Well, I have come to know that in Europe lot of people are now asking
for Ayurvedic Therapies and other alternative type of massage
therapies. So now, ayurvedic massages are also gaining great
popularity and demand in your country too. I do not think it's that
expensive to start and run an Ayurveda Spa counter..

1.The minimum cost of Oil per liter inclusive of Shipment Charges
from India is $50

2.The Minimum amount of Oil needed to massage a person is 200 Ml per
massage.(so 200 x 5 =1000 ml which 1 litter)i.e. we can give 5 massages
with 1 litter of Oil.

3. Now the minimum rate for a massage should be $100 or $ 150

4 Our Cost of Oil per massage is $10.

5. If we take a bare average of 2 massages in a day, then in 30
day. We get 60 massages done in a month, So we use 12000 ml (12
litters) of oil in a month and our cost would be$600 ($50 x 12lts) and
profit would be ($5400 as per $90 margin per massage, if we charge
$100 per massage).and ($8400 as per $140 Margin per massage if we
charge $150 per massage.)
(all the rates given above are just approximate rates, may be we can
get some more discounts if we take in bulk orders.the shipment charges
may vary from country to country)

So this is the kind of business that you can generate if you start
Ayurveda Massage. Well, what I have told you is just a basic average
figure of business to start off with

Please do ask me if you need more info on any thing related to Ayurveda .

Anyway, it's a pleasure to write to you and give you all this info on
Ayurveda. Please do log on to my web site at
to see some massage videos of ayurveda.

I wish that …if we could help each other to Make Ayurveda Massages
more popular in your country.

Best Regards for your friend in India

skype id : babithmylaady
e-mail :[email protected]
cell no : 91-9961195666


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