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8 Tips to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

Posted by Simone on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 12:18 PM

We recycle at home, turn off lights and buy responsibly. But do we apply the same principles to our work environments? When time is of the essence, working in an environmentally friendly way may feel too inefficient. However, putting just a few energy saving strategies in place could make your office much more environmentally friendly.

Go Digital


Think about the ways in which your company can use digital documents, both internally and externally. Can employees use their smartphone to look at meeting minutes? Can customers receive invoices by email? And if you do need to send out materials to your mailing list by post, make every effort to ensure your mailing list is up to date and you are not sending out printed pages that will go straight in the bin.

Recycle and Reduce Waste

Wherever you can, reduce waste. Do not have paper cups by the water cooler when people can get a glass from the kitchen. Consider installing hand driers in bathrooms rather than using paper towels. Encourage employees to save scrap paper for making notes. And where waste cant be avoided, have an easy to use and accessible recycling system in place.

Switch to Online Faxing


If you work in an industry where sending documents by fax is a regular occurrence, consider if you can send fax online. There are numerous service providers that allow you to send, sign and store faxes easily, without using up lots of paper in the process.

Save Power

Leaving electrical equipment on standby overnight consumes much more energy than you might think. Make sure all equipment is turned off at the end of the day and that, during work hours, equipment is set in the most energy efficient mode.

Think About the Commute

If at all possible, allow employees to work from home, even if it is just for a few days a month. This will go a small way to improving air quality and reducing the emissions caused by road maintenance. Alternatively, try to organise a car pool where employees can share car rides to work. You could also install showers on site to encourage workers to run or cycle their commute.

Think About Lighting

Maximise natural light wherever possible by opening blinds, positioning desks next to windows and painting walls in light colours. Think about installing motion sensors so lights will turn off automatically when no one is in the room. Whatever you do, make sure all lights are turned off at night when the office is empty and use energy saving light bulbs.

Control Temperature


If everyone in the office is wearing a suit, chances are you will have the air-conditioning blasting out come summer time. Adopting a slightly more casual dress code, even if just for summer months, means you dont have to set the thermostat quite so low. You could also consider installing temperature controls for each room, then you are not unnecessarily cooling or heating meeting rooms with no one in them.

Buy Green

Think about the environmental impact when buying new equipment for the office. The production of electrical equipment is hugely detrimental to the environment so buying devices that perform multiple functions or buying second hand is a good way to minimise this. Buying green can also extend to more everyday purchases. You could buy recycled paper or non-chemical cleaning products that are kinder to the environment. Environmental gains can also be made by buying in bulk, reducing the amount of packaging and delivery time required for each order.

There are lots of cheap and easy ways to make your office more environmentally friendly. And if you are truly committed to going green, installing new office systems could see you on the way to creating an office that is comfortable and efficient as well as ecologically sound.


The Friendly Way Of Warding Off Plant Pests

Posted by Cathleen on Friday, February 10th, 2017 2:58 PM

It’s not easy living in a pesticide free world. It’s also not easy to take when your flowers or vegetables that you’ve put so much time and effort in slowly lose their leaves due to the hungry appetite of worms and other critters. I’ve had several of my new seedlings eaten by something overnight one time. They were doing so well and I was heartbroken to find one morning all their leaves were gone. Though the seedlings were in my house (I live in an apartment and I have to plant in pots), the critters somehow got in and ate my promising greens. I’ve compiled a list here of pesticide-free solutions I will need to try that others have tried so that I won’t suffer the same heartbreak over my plants in the future.

I didn’t realize it but there are plants people have told me that are great as pest deterrents. Maybe I should stick to planting those instead. Some of these plants are chives, mint, and even cilantro. I think the chives and mint are probably the best ones to plant around the plants you want to protect. People have said basil is good as a deterrent too but the seedlings of basil that I had planted got eaten; so much for that. It’s probably a good idea to plant those hardy herbs first before planting the vulnerable plants in the middle of them.

If you have a problem with ants living in the dirt around your plants and they’re acting like your plants are their superhighways, there is a way to stop them from getting into your plant pots. My friend who lived in the apartment below suggested I use chalk. She said she used chalk in the powder and solid form to protect things like bread and cakes left on her table. If that protected her food, then surely it would protect my plants. After hearing her advice, I traced chalk outlines around the pots of my plants and made sure none of the branches or leaves of my plants touched the walls of my balcony or the walls inside my apartment. Sure enough, the ants left my plants alone.

If you do have a big problem with pests unfortunately, you might have to take some really drastic measures and call pest control services who will take the right measures to get rid of invasive pests. Ask them for environmentally-friendly pest control options. Hopefully those pests won’t infect other people’s houses and plants.

Behaviors At Work – The Best And Worst

Posted by J.G. on Thursday, February 9th, 2017 9:06 AM

Terrible work relationships redirect focus from work and results in a lot of wasted time. How can that be prevented?

The aim of most businesses is to raise output and efficiency which in turn results in a competitive advantage. Thinking of work "waste" creates pictures of excessive refuse, a somewhat running production line that leaves workers milling around, taking unneeded steps in a procedure, excess inventory, and much more. What kinds of behaviours negatively affect work relationships?

Much of what we find is subtle in nature:
Behaving in an unapproachable manner/being in a poor disposition
Leaving out details that are significant
Hoarding work which should be shared or should go to others

Whether we're involved or we’re just an observer, it’s standard to respond to unhelpful or disruptive coworkers — through external result or inward expertise. And both answers result in squander.

The Inward Encounter Answer

An example of such an answer is when someone makes a remark that causes humiliation. Faces will turn red as the remark is being processed and the body heats up in seconds.

In that instant and for a time period after, most are ill equipped to think clearly. Brain resources needed for problem solving, analytic thinking, creative thoughts, considering alternatives and more are temporarily unavailable.

Persons who are involved are now diverted from the endeavor at hand at their place of work. Think over what might have done differently in order to refrain from placing themselves into the spot in the very first place.

The External Encounter Result

The external encounter result links back to the inward encounter answer. Here’s an example:

A person was in the center of speaking through an idea with all the team when midway another person went into his self-proclaimed specialist-in-everything mode. The first person gets caught up in his inward encounter. He feels disrespected and his thought went unheard. He then believes the person who interrupted is a terrible person and is disappointed that he was not able to stand up to the person who interrupted. He starts thinking on what to do. Here's where the external result starts to show itself.

The Impact

Typically, our inward encounter goes to an external result. We do something about it in one way or another. Look around and you'll understand noticeable signs of an external result:

Whining to others about the event
Supervisor engagement
Decrease in energy
Looking for another occupation
Working around the "wrongdoer”
Time spent guiding those concerned
Decreased feeling of obligation

Determined by the scenario, a number of the aforementioned results could possibly happen. However, if another employee’s conduct is too poisonous to address by yourself, is prohibited, or goes against valued organizational policies, then other actions or maybe some legal action can be taken.

Three approaches to come up with positive work relationships:

1. Encourage positive behaviours and results – Be quick to let your peers understand when a successful cooperation resulted in a great result (e.g. job deadline fulfilled, sales closed, etc.). This really is a lot more effective than pointing out previous failures and missteps.

2. Be helpful – Inquire about the jobs they're working on or the pressures they're under. Going back to the external reply example above, it might be that the person who interrupted believes he must know it all because he frequently gets asked to step in and fix jobs which are delayed or not running easily. Step in and help on matters that could affect future interactions where you can.

3. Search for chances to communicate face to face – As often as you can, get together face to face, go out for a latte, or quickly take yourself over to their desks for a fast chat. Not only is face to face the best kind communicating, it additionally communicates to your peers that they valuable to you.

You may have a high-performing worker on your team but it’s your duty to communicate with that person if their behaviour and communication style erodes productivity and cooperation.

New therapy room!

Posted by Karen on Monday, January 30th, 2017 4:01 PM

I have had a few things that have been niggling me and the lack of Clients in Norfolk was one of them. So I have decided to extend my business to Cambridge!

It was a no brainer, having been brought up there it made sense as I know the area, have friends there and can pound the streets better there than anywhere else it just made total sense.

It also helps that Jodie, who runs the Cambridge Complimentary for Therapies and Treatments was about the nicest person you could hope to rent from. Full of great ideas that I just wouldnt have realised worked, not to mention the room being flawlessly calm and clean, it has been a delight to meet her and be able to work alongside her.

If you would like an appointment please call 01760 724582 or 07740 335591 and even better if you book for March you get £10 0ff your first session!

Amazing Self-Discovery Documentaries That Will Help You Find Your Inner Self

Posted by Heidi on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 12:54 PM

Reading and watching the inspirational works of others can help us to find our inner selves and dig deep into them. These self-discovery documentaries will show you the power of believing in yourself, living consciously, and healing with your mind.

I Am  - 2010


This documentary is all about the director of the Ace Venture film series, Tom Shadyac. He had a horrific accident while mountain biking which nearly took his life, and resulted in a long and slow period of recovery. The documentary follows him through appointments with the doctor and stages in his recovery, including the most difficult moments. If you are ever facing tough times, this film will show you the power of your own will and spirit. If you are worried about watching documentaries online, be sure to use VPN Compass so you can watch safely.

Hungry for Change - 2012


If you have ever doubted the power of healthy food, take a look at this documentary. It exposes some of the tricks used by the diet industry to make you think that you will lose weight and get healthy by following their schemes. It also reveals how you can actually follow simple rules to eat healthy without gimmicks and create the body you want. The most inspiring part of the documentary follows people with health issues and obesity who manage to overcome these problems through healthy eating. You won’t believe the transformations that they achieve through willpower and healthy practices alone. You will also never fall for a fad diet again.

Finding Joe - 2011


A man named Joseph Campbell came up with the theory of “the hero’s journey”, something that is present in all stories according to him. This inspiring film is about self-discovery and creating your own hero’s journey. It tells you how to follow your bliss through a quest to the inner self. It turns out that slaying dragons and searching for holy grails is all just a metaphor for discovering our own selves. The breath-taking cinematography of this film will help you to connect more deeply with the message, and don’t be surprised to find yourself scribbling down a few choice quotes as you go.

Happy - 2011


Is the concept of happiness different from culture to culture? What about the things that can make you feel happy? This documentary travels around the globe to interview people from countries, communities, and cultures on a wide scale. It looks at the basic underlying threads of happiness and explores how we all seek for the same things. Understanding how to be happy is a key part of self-discovery, and you may walk away from this film with a better idea of how to find your own true happiness.

Century of the Self - 2002


This documentary has something of a cult following because of the way it breaks down the influence of politicians and corporations on public consciousness. You probably believe already that these shadowy figures spend a lot of time manipulating our desires and views, but you might not have realised the huge extent to which they do it. The psychology of manipulation is explored in full in this 4-part series, which looks into the ways we have been coerced over time. You may find yourself wanting to break free after watching it.

These documentaries will put you on the right path, but they should also remind you that only you are in charge of your own destiny. Find your inner self and discover the path to happiness, and see how conscious living can bring you everything that you desire.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Green

Posted by Cindy on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 10:26 AM


The terms environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, or simply green have been used so widely that few people even consider the true implications of adopting such principles as a way of life, or way of business. Most people, with the possible exception of Donald Trump, have now accepted the reality of climate change and the realisation that many of the activities of mankind have contributed to the problems. Whereas each of us can make a positive contribution in our everyday lives with little regard to the positive or negative cost implications, things are not so clear cut in the world of business. Many successful business practices have evolved over a period of time and there is a natural reluctance to initiate any major changes especially where such changes may be seen as a leap into the unknown. There are however many reasons why a business should go green and six of the most important are as follows:

1. Image
Strangely, this is by far the main motivation for businesses to adopt green practices. The very fact that a company may be known for its green credentials and high ideals is seen as a major benefit often elevating the company's profile above that of its rivals both in terms of prestige and profitability.

2. Cost Savings
The idea that going green is a lofty ideal that comes with a hefty price tag has long since disappeared and it is now widely recognised that doing the right thing also results in useful financial benefits. Even the smallest of businesses can reap the rewards of implementing energy saving practices and using low emission transport.

3. Employee Satisfaction
Employees are a business's greatest asset and those firms with green credentials are attractive not only to customers but also to employees. Improvements in staff recruitment and retention are only part of the story with many companies adopting green practices throughout the workplace encouraging and assisting the following of healthy lifestyles. This has the obvious advantages of reducing absences due to sickness but also leads to a happy and contented workforce.

4. Product or Service Innovations
Although most businesses are unlikely to branch out into the production of solar panels or wind turbines, there is no denying than green products and services sell. This has quickly been recognised in the world of advertising with all manner of products now being labelled as environmentally friendly almost always bearing some kind of green logo usually including the image of a leaf or tree. Whilst the inappropriate "greening" of unremarkable products is to be deplored, genuinely green products and services are extremely attractive to customers wishing to follow their green ideals. Many companies are able to extend their range of products or services to justifiably carry an "eco-friendly" label.

5. Investment Attraction
It is easy to think of investors as being concerned with nothing other than the return on their investment but in fact many adopt a rather more moral approach and, although a healthy bottom line is always important, there are many who only invest in "ethical" companies. This is nothing new and both private investors and fund managers have chosen to avoid supporting the tobacco industry and other health-damaging undertakings. The green investor is a rather more recent phenomenon and looks carefully into the potential environmental damage likely to be caused by a company and its environmental practices. Fortunately, going green is also likely to result in an improvement in returns on investment meaning that there is no conflict of interest here making this a win-win situation.

6. Saving The Planet
The very idea of taking action to prevent the catastrophic destruction of life on Earth and protecting future generations really should feature as the first item on this list but is seldom the main reason for businesses to follow a green agenda however doing the right thing certainly has a certain feel-good factor.

So it can be seen that the decision to go green can be taken for entirely selfish reasons with beneficial effects all round. The Australian Business Awards even have a specific award for sustainability.

Cindy parker is the Content Manager at Learn to Trade - a currency trading education company based in Australia. She is a strong supporter of the green movement.

Reiki helps Stress

Posted by Lori on Saturday, January 21st, 2017 4:47 PM

Just the other day as I contemplated going for a massage and getting myself some body work, I found it interesting while looking back at my life this last year; I thought wow, I had gone through so much: I sold my home and moved into a temporary space, purchased a home in a new town, made home repairs... the list went on and on. These were all life changing events that created major transformation in me.
Now I know we all have stress every day, some of it positive stress and some negative but it's all stress we "deal with" daily. If we don't intentionally “check in” with ourselves, we won't realize how we are really feeling emotionally before we feel the effects physically. I wondered how I could check in and tap into this energy and make it a positive experience for me.
I began visualizing myself in this image, sitting near the water on a warm afternoon, watching it cascade down and listening to the water hit the pool below, the water is warm to the touch and I sat there with my feet in the water relaxing my spirit. I experienced the delicate scent of the flowers in the garden and felt myself become happier. Once I was a little calmer I looked back at the year with gratitude and reminded myself to be more thankful for all I had done and the transformation it created.
My wish for anyone reading this is to remember to check in with yourself and see how you are “feeling” that is your guide. Be kind to yourself and feel the gratitude for the part you play in life.

Lori Pacheco Reiki Master Teacher

Seven Ways To Eliminate Unpacking Blues

Posted by Paul on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 5:58 AM

Seven Ways To Eliminate The Unpacking Blues

Following the excitement of leaving your old home comes the frustration and exasperation of unpacking the mounds of boxes containing your material possessions and getting your new place set up. Here's my guide to staying motivated to get you through the mountain-like task setting up your new home.

1. Hire a cleaner or someone to do the initial cleaning and unpacking for you. Make sure the cleaner cleans the places where appliances and furniture such as the stove and the refrigerator will be before moving those appliances there. Ask for help with unpacking and setting up from family or friends. If you have children of age, get them involved in unpacking their things. Reward them for their help by either providing them with a nice dinner, gift cards, or providing them with practical help you can provide.

2. Have patience. It will probably take a few days to be fully unpacked so don't despair even if you don't have a lot of help. Prioritize which rooms will likely be used more frequently and first unpack things for those rooms. You will probably begin with unpacking for the bedrooms, kitchen, and the bathrooms.

3. It's also important to know where the large garbage and recycle bins have are placed in your neighbourhood. The boxes that have been emptied can be flattened out and then placed in a stack until large enough to take to the recycling. Prepare the trash bins in your home as well you can use them right away.

4. Ensure that all the labeled cartons as well as your furniture are put in their correct rooms or their proper places so you will not have to keep moving around boxes and things during the unpacking process. If you've hired a removalist company, have them put your material possessions in their correct places instead of in one big pile in your living room.

5. Get enough rest. You will require an excellent night's sleep after long days of unpacking so make sure the bedrooms are prepared for use right away. Make sure to take small breaks and keep hydrated.

6. Don't forget to eat. Being in your new home provides you an opportunity to try the food scene around the neighbourhood. If you're too busy to go out, have food delivered to your new house.

7. Put on some energizing or relaxing music while you unpack. Create a moving playlist to get you through the boring hours of unpacking.

Apply those seven things and before you know it, all the unpacking is done and your new home is ready for you and your family to make wonderful memories.

How Reiki Can Help Your Pets

Posted by Jason on Friday, December 16th, 2016 10:41 AM

As most people at holistic local are aware, reiki is a wonderful energy therapy that can have some fantastic results when applied to us humans, but did you know it can be equally helpful for animals too?

Our pets and other animals need balancing and healing just like we do, so naturally reiki fits the bill as essentially we are built of much the same as they are. In fact, we are animals too!

I put together an simple infographic to show how reiki for animals can benefit them. Feel free to share the image or the blog post.

Find it on my blog at

5 amazing tips for becoming a greener, more eco-friendly truck driver

Posted by Katy on Friday, December 16th, 2016 8:59 AM

One of the things that many people criticise about the transport industry is that it can take a real toll on the environment. Using fossil fuels burns up our supply as well as puffing out harmful gases, and truck drivers use a lot of fuel. But there are ways that you can lessen your impact on the environment. Here are some amazing ideas to get you started.


Lose weight

The more weight your vehicle carries, the more drag it will produce, causing it to burn through fuel more quickly. You can reduce this effect by losing weight in your truck before you set off. Get rid of anything you don’t need, like extra tools and chains or equipment stored inside the truck. You can also load your flatbed trailer as close to the cab and as low as you can – this will make the whole vehicle more aerodynamic. Installing skirts and flaps helps with the aerodynamics too.

Hire when you arrive

Many companies will send a truck driver out to a different country or territory in order to pick up cargo. They will drive long distances, using ferries to cross waterways, until they finally arrive at the destination. Once there, they will load up, turn around, and drive the whole distance back again. This means that double the distance is driven than is really necessary. Cut out your fuel use by taking a train or bus to the destination. Then hire a truck in the local area with a service like Abel. You don’t even have to return your truck to the same hire location – just find another branch of the same service. This way, your outward journey is so much more eco-friendly.

Improve driving skills

The smoother your driving is, the more fuel-efficient your journey will be. Try driving a little slower if you are on target to reach your destination ahead of time, as this will reduce your fuel consumption. You can also move up through gears at a lower RPM, and make fewer gear changes overall. Use defensive driving so that you are not caught out and forced to break as often. Don’t idle your engine for more than a minute or two – if you stop even temporarily, turning it off will help.

Maintain your truck


The more care you take with your truck, the more eco-friendly your driving will be. Get your tyres inflated to the correct PSI as this can reduce drag. Change your oil regularly and use the best oil possible, especially if you are driving an older vehicle. Clean or change your air filter often too, as a blocked filter will increase fuel usage hugely. You should also replace spark plugs that aren’t firing correctly. Not only does all of this keep your truck in good working order, but it will also save you money in the long run. That makes it friendly to your pocket, too.

Hold off on the A/C

It’s tough to drive in the heat, but you might have to exercise a little self-control now and then. Turning on your air conditioning reduces your fuel efficiency, but opening the window at high speeds also reduces your aerodynamic flow. What you need to do is to strike a careful balance. If you are stuck in traffic, open the window. On the open road, use the A/C – but only when you need to.

The main way to make yourself more eco-friendly is to save fuel, but every little bit helps. When it saves you money too, it seems like a clear winning strategy.

6 Green business ideas

Posted by JaneAdams on Friday, December 9th, 2016 2:29 PM

Do you have a great business idea? Do you see the need for a green product that hasn't been invented yet? Or, do you want to start your own green business but aren't sure what to create? Here's some advice on how to create a successful, green business.

Create a Great Product
Before you can start selling to customers, you need to have a product. You might have already decided what need you want your business to fulfill, but if you haven't, spend some time doing some research to find a need that hasn't been filled. Is there a product that doesn't have a green alternative for Eco-conscious consumers? Look at your own life. What would help you become more environmentally friendly? Once you've decided on your product or service, take some time to develop it. Ensure that all the materials you want to use are sustainably sourced, and what you're creating is of high quality. A green product that is poorly made and doesn't serve its purpose well won't be successful.

Test Your Product
Before you invest your life savings into your new green business, do some research to see how your product will likely fare. A few weeks of market research will give you a good idea of whether customers will be receptive to your product. If you get a strong response, then you can start working to build your business. If you don't get much response, however; it's not likely that your business won't fare well. If this is the case, don't despair. Just head back to the drawing board to see how you can improve your product or create something new.

Have a Business Plan
Once you do have a product, develop a business plan. Trying to market and sell without one will make any success a matter of good luck more than anything else. Having a clear business plan will help your business run more smoothly, which will likely give you more success to build upon. Decide who your target customers are and the best way to market to them. Who is your competition? How do you plan to stand out from other companies? Having answers to this questions will give you a clear path to follow.

Secure Capital
Along the way, you may find that creating your product costs more than you anticipated, and that you can't finance it on your own. Like any other business, green businesses need financial backing to succeed. While in the past it was difficult to find funding for green businesses, it's becoming easier, and most likely will continue to become easier as green businesses grow in number and popularity. Find some investors to fund your business and help it succeed.

Utilize Existing Customer Bases
Building a clientele list can take time. Instead of building up your customer base one by one, offer your product to larger businesses that have already been established. This will allow you to reach a larger number of customers from the offset than you would be able to on your own.  The more businesses buy your product, the more exposure you'll have and the more clients you'll be able to reach.

Don't Give Up
Creating a successful business takes time, money, and hard work. If your first idea doesn't succeed, use it as an opportunity to see what worked, and what didn't. Improve upon your original business plan and product idea until you find something that resonates with customers. You'll likely run into those who doubt your abilities or your product, but don't take their words to heart. Keep trying until you find your path to success.​

Jane Adams is a passionate writer from London. She loves to write about marketing strategies, regional languages and green living. Currently, she works for Localdig.

closed captioning burbank

Posted by jersy on Monday, November 21st, 2016 11:10 AM

Experiencing loss can be a widespread difficulty around the world. It is estimated as having some hearing loss that at the moment 24 million Americans alone qualify. Lately, the federal government and rules which requirement closed captioning decoders handed. Any television set obtained may have these decoders which allow closed captioning burbank. More people than simply those who cannot notice may take advantage of this. People who help the mandatory decoders state that also people that have no reading disability may enjoy the decoders. Children and adults who are hearing impaired are happy for closed captioning. People who are attempting to greater their reading should it, as well. While the decades of yesterday used the majority of their time reading with one another, a typical individual has exchange twenty-four hours of these pursuits by watching television.

Top 6 Activities to Help Heal Your Soul

Posted by Samantha on Monday, November 7th, 2016 1:01 PM

Maybe your soul isn’t mortally wounded, but it’s starting to feel a little rough around the edges. We sometimes spend so much time taking care of others that we ultimately wind up neglecting ourselves. Your soul needs a little TLC every once in a while. It’s the part of you that encompasses your identity, and you’ll never get very far with a fragile sense of self. You deserve to mend your soul, and don’t just wait until you’re feeling low.

1. Make a Spiritual Connection

Whether you consider yourself to be spiritual, religious, or even philosophical, you need to embrace a stronger connection to your world view. Praying, practicing, or even simply reading can help your soul connect with everything around you. Bring yourself back to what matters most by fostering a stronger connection with the values you hold close, no matter what they may be. It’s important to remind yourself of what it means to be a spiritually sound being.


2. Be Grateful
When things start to hurt, it’s vital to remember the things that don’t. No matter how dark of a time you may be going through, there are still things you can be grateful for. Placing emphasis on those things will help you keep your eyes on the horizon, focused on the future. Many people utilize tools like gratitude journals to maintain an optimistic mindset. Keeping your soul full of light is one of the best healing tactics you have at your disposal.

3. Cleanse Your Mind
Cleansing your mind of stress that weighs you down will help you tread forward softly. Hate is baggage, and you carry it with you everywhere you go. Many people prefer to cleanse their mind through meditation. There are countless ways to meditate, so you’re sure to find a method that will work for you. Practicing mindfulness will keep you grounded while allowing you to let go of the toxic influences that invade your personal peace.


4. Indulging In Your (Healthy) Desires
Drinking, eating junk food, and playing video games all the time may be fun, but they’re not the kind of desires you want to indulge in. Healthy desires inspire passion and your connection to the world. Maybe you love to garden, or you’ve always wanted to start an apiary. Even sexual desires are healthy, as they help us release healing compounds like oxytocin. If you don’t have a partner, you can always settle for the next best thing. There are tons of great couple toys such as rabbit vibrators from Randy Fox that will get the job done just as well.

5. Find Your Inner Creativity
Everyone needs an outlet of some sort. The right outlet will inspire you and engage your inner creativity. Not everyone is a painter or a writer, but those are far from the only options. Things like whittling, building birdhouses, or learning a musical instrument will also bring out the best elements of your personal creativity.

6. Give Back
The world may not always seem beautiful. You can’t change it all in one day, but you can certainly lend your hands to someone that needs an extra set. Check your local community listings for volunteer opportunities. Feeding the hungry or fostering stray animals looking for a forever home is a small way to bring a little peace back into the world, and you’ll feel that peace within yourself.

Soul healing is something deeply intimate, and not everyone will come by it in the same way. Try a whole host of methods to determine which ones will work for you. As long as you’re being constructive and doing no harm, anything that heals your soul is a worthwhile venture.

How to run a successful natural health practice

Posted by Lucy on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 11:52 AM

If you are thinking about starting your own natural health practice, there are a few things that you really need to get right. Many start-ups will be closed within a year or two of opening, so it’s important to concentrate in the right areas for the best results. These tips will get you started on the right foot, and give you the best chance of having a successful practice.

Choose the right premises
The location of your practice is very important, as customers need to be able to find you easily. It also helps a lot if passers-by can see your practice, as this may result in more bookings. A lot of your work will come from word of mouth, so having as many new customers as possible is essential for getting that word out! The location also has to be somewhere you can have a quiet atmosphere – by a busy motorway, for example, it might be too loud. Finally, you also need to have private treatment rooms as well as a good-sized reception area for people to wait in.

Find a good name
The name of your company is important, as it provides the first impression that people will have of you. It needs to sum up what you do and give an impression of the quality of service that you provide. If your name is so mysterious that no one knows what you do, you won’t find the same results with foot traffic that you would otherwise. Having a link like this also helps people to remember the company name, so that they can look you up again in the future.

Set up a good infrastructure
Make sure that your infrastructure allows you to help people all of the time, giving them the best customer service possible. You should have an online booking system as well as a database that makes everything simple. You need to find your customer details all in the same place, and it’s important that you are never double booked by accident. You can also have call management services like those provided by eVoice to ensure you never miss a call. This will keep business flowing in because your potential customers will not have to go elsewhere.

Create a good ethos and customer service
Decide on the ethos that you want to create around your business. Come up with a mission which sets out how you should be able to help every single customer. Make sure that every member of your staff understands and is on board with this ethos. That way, you can provide a consistent service across the board. You should also emphasise customer service in your business plan – make your customers feel welcomed and serve them to the best of your abilities. Think about follow-ups and how you can assess customer needs to the best degree.

Focus on progression
Make sure that you are always improving your services and doing more to help your customers. It’s important that you do not stagnate – read up on the latest practices and studies, and offer the latest services too. If a customer could be better served elsewhere, or you feel that they no longer need you, make sure that you help them to move on. Not only is this the ethical thing to do, but it will also result in better customer reviews and will give you more referrals from customers who become fans.
As long as you always have the customer in mind, running a successful natural health practice will be a simple matter of keeping to the tips above!

Top ways cruising can relieve stress and heal your soul

Posted by Sophie on Monday, October 17th, 2016 6:38 AM

Going on a cruise is a dream holiday for a lot of people. It speaks of luxury and elegance, and of seeing the world in style. But there is so much more that a cruise can do for you. It can help you to relax and take the weight of the world off your shoulders. Here’s how being on a cruise can do wonders for stressed travellers and help to heal their souls.

Sea Air

The number one thing about a cruise is that you are almost always on the sea – and while you could also be on a river, normally it will be a large and significant one. This large body of salt water carries with it its own atmosphere. Most notably, you will feel the effects of the sea breeze. This can have a hugely restorative effect, making you feel relaxed just from breathing it in. For the whole duration of your cruise you will be breathing in this air, and that adds up to a whole lot of relaxation. You will feel free and at ease for the whole trip!


Another thing that comes part and parcel with a cruise is getting disconnected from the “real world”. Getting internet signal out on the ocean is rare, and you will certainly be encouraged to leave all but a phone at home. This will stop you from looking at a screen all day long or consistently checking your emails! While there are often things that require our attention back home, there’s nothing better than being able to switch off. After some time without them, you may even be reluctant to read your emails again and start dealing with reality! Having some time away can lend perspective, reduce stress, and generally make you feel restored.


When you book in with your cruise agency, you become a very special person to the whole crew. Their job is to look after you for the duration of your cruise, ensuring that your every need is met. That means drinks on tap, delicious food, and the opportunity to relax all day long. There is nothing like being taken care of to make you feel de-stressed. If your particular cruise ship also has a spa on board – which many of them do – then you can book in for a treatment or two to really feel pampered. This is such a great way to relax and will make all of your worries and cares seem so far away.

Catching Rays

When you spend a lot of time in the sun, you will find that you feel healthier and less stressed. This is because the sun’s rays contain lots of healthy and helpful elements, like Vitamin D. A good daily dose of this will leave you feeling better and more energised in no time at all! A cruise in a sunny place like Sydney will give you those benefits in even just a day or two. These health benefits can have a long-lasting effect, so that you feel them even when you head home again. If your body is feeling tired and achy in particular, then it could be that you are actually in serious need of some sun time. Don’t resist it – get out on deck of your cruise ship and relax for as long as you like!

There’s just something special about the way a cruise makes you feel so relaxed and restored. Even though you might get back to normal when you are no shore, you will soon be booking your next cruise most eagerly.

How to turn your house into a quiet, holistic sanctuary

Posted by James on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 6:56 AM

It’s not easy to relax if you don’t have anywhere to use as a sanctuary. It can be easy to turn your home into a place that is just as stressful as work, even without meaning to. These tips will help you to transform it into a sanctuary where you can always feel peaceful and connected.


Treat it as sacred
Don’t abuse your home! Think of it as a sacred temple and treat it the same way. You wouldn’t find piles of clutter or mess in a temple, and you shouldn’t in your home either. Your living space should be clean and clear, and feel alive. The more space you have, the more life force your home can give you.

Enter with mindfulness
When we get in, normally it’s a rush to get shoes off, put outerwear away, and then straight into the next task. You might turn on the television, head for the fridge to make a meal, or launch into a conversation. Instead, sit down and breathe slowly for a little while, letting your mind relax. Practice mindfulness for a few minutes before you move on to whatever you need to do.

Create a holistic room
If you want to have a space where you can truly relax, consider creating a holistic room. This room will always feel vibrant and healthy, with natural materials used in the decorations and furniture as well as essential oils filling the air with their scent. Keep equipment here like yoga mats too. You should only come into this space to practice mindfulness or feel that holistic health, rather than using it for other activities which may pollute it. If you currently don’t have space for a holistic room, try using just one corner of a bigger room – or better yet, use a service like OpenAgent to find a home that suits you better.

Beat the stress
If you feel stressed at home, retreat to your holistic area or go to bed and start a brief meditation. When your breathing is even and controlled, start repeating the mantra “maybe” under your breath or in your mind as you breathe out. This gives you not only the thought that things might not be so bad, but also the idea that they may be better. It will help you to feel positive and banish stress from your home.

Get rid of gadgets
Make sure that you have as few gadgets as possible, especially in your bedroom, and none in your holistic room. Gadgets can affect your sleep, especially those which emit light. A good night of sleep is essential for rest and you need this to feel happy and healthy. Don’t mess with your health just so you can have your smartphone charging near your head.

Mind your language
Try to eliminate negative or toxic language from your speech in your home. This language can put negative energy into the space, which can liner and cause you to feel less relaxed. Think about the way you talk, and you will gradually be able to cut out anything negative. Gossip, complaining, and foul language should be ticked off your list of things to say in the house. Once you have eliminated your negative language patterns, you can progress to positive ones. These include words of respect and love, kindness, and acceptance. You will see the difference it makes when you walk into your home every day and feel the positivity.

Making your home into a holistic sanctuary will take some work, but it’s definitely worth every moment of effort to experience the results.

X amazing must-see health documentaries you can watch on Netflix

Posted by Keira on Monday, July 18th, 2016 9:15 AM


Nothing can open your eyes like a well-made health documentary film. This sector of film-making is more lively than ever with dozens of documentaries on a wide range of topics released every year. But you don't have to wait for a special film festival to see some of the most moving documentaries out there. Here are 8 amazing must-see health documentaries available on Netflix.

Happy (

This very sweet documentary explores the history of a fleeting feeling of happiness. Seeing how the idea of happiness varies among different cultures helps to check what it is that makes us personally happy. The documentary also shows a range of behaviors everyone can adopt to boost their happiness and health, finding fulfillment in life. You'll be surprised to learn how closely happiness is related to health.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (

Even if the title seems a little morbid, don't worry – this documentary offers a positive spin on the topic by showing a range of inspiring stories of people who gained a new life by changing their lifestyles. Seeing how much good can the right diet and fair amount of daily exercise bring to our lives, you'll feel motivated to cultivate your health as well.

Vitality (

This documentary is just perfect if you're interested in modern approaches to healthcare. The current medical system is inefficient because it's focused on treating diseases, not on preventing them. You'll see Dr. Pedram Shojai interviewing top figures in healthcare who unveil how people can enhance their health and vitality, effectively healing themselves. It's clear that vitality is a quality which emerges from within and no amount of medicine can bring it forth – that's our job.

Remote Area Medical (

The health-insurance crisis in the United States is a serious matter that affects millions of people. Remote Area Medical is a nonprofit which organizes pop-up clinics that operate for three days all over the country where local communities are given a chance to come together and provide support to others. Telling the story of people who can't afford healthcare, the doc will help you see the value of good health.

Forks Over Knives (

Based on the work of two food scientists, this doc offers an overview of the impact processed foods have on the national rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases. Forks Over Knives shows that a plant-based diet which is free of processed foods is the foundation for good health. The film is powered by a kind of vegan ethics, but it manages to skillfully show that our bodies like plant-based diets.

Yoga Is (

The filmmaker behind this moving work lost her mother to cancer. This is when she decided to delve into her grief deeper and understand it through her yoga practice. The doc features plenty of recognized yoga gurus and famous yogis talking about the benefits of this practice. Whether you're a beginner or a dedicated aficionado, you'll enjoy this fantastic journey all over the yoga world.

Food, Inc. (

This controversial Oscar-nominated doc is a must-see for anyone interested in the food industry and how it affects human health and the environment. Narrated by Micheal Pollan, the doc offers a perspective on American corporate farming. The negative aspects of agribusinesses ranging from animal abuse to environmental pollution will surely make you reconsider the value of organic farming.

Hungry For Change (

Those who feel permanently tired and nervous should consider a radical shift towards clean eating. Hungry For Change combines personal testimonials and expert advice to show how food companies lie to consumers and what impact it has on the health of entire populations. If you're still eating processed foods, after watching this doc you'll never look at them in the same way again.

Health is an important subject these day, so keep yourself informed by watching these fantastic documentaries which explore the topic through engaging personal stories. If Netflix isn't available in your country, just try connecting through a good VPN – to help you choose the right service, here's a great VPN review on Secure Thoughts. And now go ahead and watch those docs, learning more about health and happiness.

5 benefits of starting carpooling today

Posted by Grace on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 9:06 AM

More and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that carpooling is incredibly beneficial, and for multiple things; getting to work, going to a concert and even sharing trips to the airport.Carpooling can get you from A to B in a fast, efficient and safe manner. It may seem like a bit of an overstatement but the fact is, if more people did it, the world would be a better place. If you still need convincing, take a look below at the five benefits of carpooling and get started today.


1. Carbon footprint

The most beneficial aspect of starting carpooling is it decreases your carbon footprint, which benefits everybody. If multiple people share a car ride, there will inevitably be fewer cars on the road, and if there are fewer cars on the road, there is less carbon and other harmful gasses polluting the air.

We have the power to make our air, water, and land cleaner and it's all down to the simple task of carpooling; if you start today you will be protecting the planet as well as the population.

2. Save money on gas

With the demands for oil at an all-time high, we all know that the major cost of having a car (other than maintenance) is the ever increasing price of gas; with carpooling you (and the people you carpool with) can cut your yearly expenditure on gas in half.

For example, if you carpool with four people, all going to the same place and split the price on one tank, you get to where you need to go for a fraction of the cost. If you look at that price next to how much you would pay if you drove yourself, you’d see how beneficial carpooling really is.

3. More parking spaces

Ask any driver what annoys them the most and a significant percentage of them will say the lack of parking spaces, especially in cities' business districts. Well, with carpooling this popular annoyance can become a thing of the past. As stated above, carpooling decreases the number of cars on the road which, in turn, will naturally increase the number of parking spaces available to people. Also with the extra aid of parking apps such as divvyparking, finding that perfect spot will become even less of a nightmare if you carpool.

4. Social aspects

The social aspect of carpooling is great, though often forgotten about; in the current era of smartphones, social media and dating apps, naturally meeting people can be unnecessarily hard. A carpool offers you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people instead of being stuck in traffic alone.

The social aspect is also very important when you take into account long road trips. Having a new friend to take turns sharing the wheel will not only make the driving experience a lot more fun, it will also make the roads safe from tired drivers.

5. Safety

Just as fewer cars on the road equal less pollution and more parking spaces, it also means safer roads. Accidents are an unfortunate aspect of driving that can sometimes be impossible to avoid, but having fewer cars on the road increases everyone’s chances of a safer journey. Also, many cites now have carpooling lanes which have proven to be efficient, and incredibly safe.

The fact is the benefits of carpooling far outweigh the negatives; you save money, make the road as well as the world a lot safer, AND make new friends. There're no excuses, so the next time you set out on the road by yourself, think of this article and start carpooling instead.

Making The Most Effective Payday Loan Decisions In An Emergency

Posted by Vladimir on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 7:47 PM

If you have a low credit standing, receiving a bank loan could be out of the question, many individuals wind up in financial need in the current economic conditions.. If so, pay day loans is an acceptable solution.

If you should borrow some cash from the quick loan provider, watch out for the incredibly high rates of interest.Occasionally when a particular company probably have interest rate of 200 precent or more.These lenders use holes in usury laws so that you can bypass the limits by utilizing loopholes.

Know the fees you receive a payday loan. You must know what you will need to pay later, even though you may tell yourself which you will handle the fees eventually. Ensure to obtain and maintain copies of your respective fees.

The typical term of any cash advance is two weeks. There could be options available should you can't pay it back within that period. A lender may supply the choice to roll over or extend payments but it cost you.

Be sure to know just how much your payday lender offers to charge before you get one. It could come like a huge shock to learn how expensive this type of fees charged by payday lenders. Don't hesitate to inquire about directly what the interest rates for a payday loan are.

Should you compare different kinds of loans, you will probably find an area which has a good interest, ensure you explore all your available options.. It will actually depend upon your credit ranking and the quantity of cash you want to borrow. Doing homework can save you tons.

Ensure that you should be able to pay you loan back from the due date. Payday lenders typically charge extremely high interest rates in addition to extra fees for many who pay late. It is important to repay your payday advance back throughout the specified time period.

You will come across plenty of ads for cash advance office on every corner these recessed times. This sort of loan is almost always short-termed. These loans needs to be considered temporary and this means an incredibly high rate of interest.

Consider other ways to axquire loans before choosing to acquire a payday loans.

Be sure you find out about any automatic rollover with regards to a cash advance. Your lender may have a system that renews the loan and automatically take money from your bank. Know what you're stepping into.

Every state has different list of rules and laws into position that govern cash advance loans. The individual you handle needs to be licensed inside the state.

Browse the BBB for facts about the most reliable pay day loan company. The Bureau lists any complaints against companies on their website.

It is possible to research more information on payday loan. You can often fill in your data and have an approval quickly.

Stay away from payday loan unless it's an unexpected emergency. If you don't need something immediately, don't purchase it when you can avoid it. Pay day loans are not be applied on frivolous items. You are only blowing money away.Take into account that repayment will need to be repaid soon.

Don't allow any payday advance company automatically take payments out of your checking account. If the funds are not on pay day, they may try to withdraw the funds daily, which could have a devastating impact.

What emotion were you received the cash? Were you very happy to be relieved of the financial emergency was cared for? Or have you experiencing some cash? You might be vunerable to pay day loan addiction, and then try to avoid them down the road, if you experienced some excitement.

There are situations wherein a payday advance. You should check out of the company that has the borrowed funds you desire if this takes place for your needs. If their reputation is anything lower than stellar, take a look at other companies.

Some companies will enable you to borrow even closer your paycheck amount, while other businesses may lend you a tiny part of your paycheck amount. Performing your research will help you cash in individuals who cannot assist you to.

Come up with a decide to repay the loan repaid.

When you are in need of an instant approval payday loans to solve a financial crisis, you need to agree to starting a spending budget.

If you realise you will be often leaning on payday advances to get by, you should think of getting a debt counselor.

Ensure you check out the BBB (Better Business Bureau) just before registering for a financial loan lender is reputable.This will help you to know how safe it is actually to do business with a selected lender.

This gives them the ability to right their wrongs and possibly provide a more desirable deal. It is possible to file a complaint formally together with the BBB or your local chamber of commerce should you be unsatisfied because of their reaction.

You might be able to have your fees waived if these pay day loan companies are located to have used illegal methods. Don't let yourself to be pushed around.

It is recommended to obtain one in person rather than getting one via the Internet should you get a payday loan in an office.

Don't let individuals who you're in relationships to cloud your judgment when you're thinking of payday loans. Should they be struggling to later, this will make you liable.

As you can probably see, money advance loans are a sensible way to offer you quick funds when you need them, with a minimum of hassle. It may be beneficial to get to know the arrangement just before obtaining this sort of loan. The data on this page will assist you to avoid common problems associated with payday cash advances.

8 Reasons for Pregnant Women to Pick Up Prenatal Pilates

Posted by James on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 7:05 AM



Pregnant women are often told of theimportance of staying fit, while at the same time being warned aboutdoing anything dangerous that might cause harm to either them ortheir babies. At Bend +Mend, we’ve found the perfect balance between exercise andsafety, and we’ve put together 8 good reasons why you should takeadvantage of our Prenatal Pilates Classes- keep reading for moreinformation.

Helps to Strengthen your Core and Reduces the Risk of Abdominal Separation

One of the dangers of exercise during pregnancy is that of abdominal separation or diastasis recti, which is when the flat abdominal muscles separate to avoid stretching. In most women, there will be a moderate separation to prevent damage to the muscles. On occasion, this separation can become quite large, and fail to return to normal after pregnancy. While you should not try to work this group of muscles during pregnancy, the transverse abdominis can be worked, and can even help to prevent damage to other muscles. Toning the transverse abdominis can also help prevent back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, and will aid in pushing the baby out during labour. Our prenatal exercises are designed to help strengthen the transverse abdominis without risking damage to the rectus muscles.

Maintains Pelvic Floor Health

Your pelvic floor is one of the most critical parts of your body that you must pay attention to throughout your pregnancy. This group of muscles is what helps to hold up and support your bowels, your bladder, and your uterus. The increased weight of the uterus during pregnancy can put a strain on these muscles, and weaken the pelvic floor. This can cause problems with moving your bowels, leaking small bits of urine during the later stages of pregnancy, and increase the risk of damaging these muscles during delivery. Prenatal Pilates classes help to strengthen these muscles which will keep you in optimal health before, during, and after delivery, as having strong pelvic floor muscles helps to return your body to its normal state after the baby is born.

Helps to Maintain a Healthy Weight Throughout Pregnancy

One of the primary sources for anxiety for pregnant women is watching the scale creep up each month at prenatal visits, and for good reason. Not only do we want to avoid excess weight gain for aesthetic reasons, gaining too much weight during pregnancy can cause increased health risks for both the mother and the baby. Regular exercise during pregnancy reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, hypertension, and pre-eclampsia, and in turn leads to healthier outcomes for babies.

Improves Posture and Balance

One of the benefits of Pilates is improved posture and balance, whether you’re pregnant or not. In pregnant women however, there is a tendency to slouch due to the excess weight and the loosening of the ligaments in preparation for birth. Pilates maintains muscular strength throughout the body, adding support to the skeletal system. Balance is often a key problem for many women, as they are adjusting to a change in their centre of gravity. The slow, controlled movements of Pilates helps women adjust to their changing bodies, reducing the risk of falls or other injury.

Relieves Some of the Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

By strengthening your muscles and adding stability to your skeletal system and joints, you are reducing the chance of joint pain, and particularly lower back pain that is so common during pregnancy. Maintaining fluidity of motion will also help to prevent muscle cramps and other soft-tissue problems that can occur from lack of circulation and movement.

Helps with Breathing During Pregnancy and Labor

As your baby grows, the space inside your chest and torso becomes compressed, and breathing can be quite uncomfortable. Many women later in pregnancy feel short of breath, which can lead to many problems. Pilates focuses on breathing techniques that can help an expectant mother learn how to expand the ribcage further, as well as leaning to control breathing, which will be helpful during labour and delivery.

Pilates is Good for Your Mood

While any form of exercise is known to help lift spirits and boost serotonin levels, Pilates does this while helping to keep the mind calm and centred, which does wonders for relieving anxiety. Pilates helps improve your mood, as well as your sleep, and leads to an overall feeling of wellness.

Speeds Postpartum Recovery

Studies have shown that regular exercise can help women regain their health and energy after childbirth. Toned muscles and more efficient use of oxygen, combined with increased circulation and overall health will contribute to an increase in your body’s healing process and reduce recovery time.

This is just a sampling of the reasons that participating in a Prenatal Pilates class can benefit you and your baby. One of the best things about Pilates, is that you can start at any time, with no previous experience necessary. The same is not true for many other sports, such as running or other more rigorous exercise. Easing into a Pilates routine is both safe and beneficial for you and your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

What you think you attract

Posted by David on Thursday, April 21st, 2016 10:58 AM

Why is it certain people seem to just flow through life without effort and always seem in control and happy, while others appear to struggle, are always complaining and seem constantly stressed?
The reason is actually quite simple. It is down to their perspective and attitude toward their environment and how they form that attitude is through either the positive or negative pictures they create. Have you ever watched or read the book 'The Secret'. This book identifies one simple law of the universe, which we are all subject to….
"Thoughts become things". Every thought good or bad will eventually manifest in your life so be careful what you wish for. That is why you must learn strategies for keeping your mind as free from negative thinking for as long as possible through your day. This is where self-hypnosis and positive suggestions under hypnosis can be incredibly helpful. Training yourself to meditate every day for at least 15 minutes is one of the kindest ways you can treat your body and mind. Once you feel more relaxed about your life then the door to an effort free life also becomes a reality.
So how do you engage with this natural law of attraction, which can bring you the type of life you desire? It all starts with one single routine - learn to be grateful for what you have. Express gratitude for everything that have and for the people who enrich your life. Under hypnosis this ritual of expressing gratitude somehow amplifies the power of this simple act and delivers the results far quicker than if you were to try it at any other time.

Simple steps to reducing the environmental effects of packaging

Posted by Elizabeth on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 7:44 AM

United Nations Environment Programme has calculated that every year over 11 billion tons of solid waste are produced worldwide. Such horrific statistics lead innovators and designers, as well as companies and individual consumers to implement green strategies for reducing environmental effects of packaging. At Pack & Send we take green approach to packaging quite seriously, as we strongly believe that sustainable packaging solutions are inseparable element of conscious environment protection. Today, let's take a look at simple steps to reducing environmental impact of product packaging.

Recyclable design

Green approach to packaging comes hand in hand with designing for recyclability. It is important to know that the majority of packaging materials is recyclable, however, excessive labels, colorful graphics, and plastic coatings make recycling of a simple PET bottle almost impossible. There is a global tendency to replace widely popular polyethylene lamination with mineral coating which instantly makes the package fit for recycling.

Recycled materials are the new plastic

Reversal from plastic to sustainable packaging is currently the biggest trend in the packaging industry. Many companies try to limit their use of synthetic materials and make their packaging more environmentally friendly. One of California-based companies, Ecologic, started to produce containers from 100% recycled cardboard and paper, with inner pouch which uses 70% less plastic than ordinary carton. The innovation behind such biologically compatible containers is the fact that they can be recycled up to 7 times more, which is an effective way of preserving the energy used in the manufacturing process. Not to mention, it is an appealing factor for environmentally conscious Millennials who significantly influence packaging market trends.

Mushroom revolution

The life cycle of packaging materials helps understand the impact every single element of the packaging has on the environment. Not many materials we currently use are fully compostable at the end of their lives. However, a new trend of producing packaging from feedstocks gives the companies a glimmer of hope. Mycelium found in mushroom roots has the power to transform a number of agricultural by-products into a polymer which has similar properties to commonly used synthetics and can be molded into almost any shape imaginable.

Recycling banks

Many different types of materials can be successfully recycled. As well as home recycling systems, recycling banks are gaining more and more popularity every year. Due to that, local governments are able to reduce the weight of landfill waste and increase the amount of materials that are going to be reused. Recycling banks accept anything from glass and plastic bottles, through old clothes, to electronic waste.

Smart shopping

Many conscious consumers feel the need to find a sustainable alternative to polyethylene wrapped foods and excessive packaging. Concept grocery stores selling their products with no packaging whatsoever, such as German Original Unverpackt cater to the needs of ethical consumers who disagree with exploiting natural resources and polluting the Earth. The success of such stores and their rising popularity proves that a lot of food packaging is unnecessary. So, think twice next time before you reach for plastic-wrapped apples on Styrofoam tray or ready-to-eat mango cubes that come in a plastic cup.

Smart recycling significantly reduces environmental impact, but it does not completely eliminate waste of natural resources. Fortunately, more and more retailers start to appreciate sustainable packaging ideas and try to come up with safe, functional, and green packaging solutions.

6 tips to truly relax while traveling

Posted by Will on Monday, March 14th, 2016 9:02 AM

Have you ever heard your friends complain that they are even more tired after their holidays than before them? Or maybe you uttered similar sentences in the past? Modern lifestyle dictates certain behaviour standards which often make it hard for many people to switch off and forget about their worries at least for a while. To find much needed peace of mind, we have collected six simple tips which will help you truly relax while traveling. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Don't plan too much

Flexible itinerary is a key to relaxing holidays, because it lets you focus on the things you enjoy, not the things you have to see. While traveling, try not to take too much on your shoulders and craft a reasonable schedule. Also, after you book a plane and find perfect holiday accommodation, do try to buy tickets to popular tourist attractions on-line in order not to waste time in 3-hour long queues.

Pack light

Many of us have a tendency to pack extra T-shirts, 10 pairs of pants, 5 different sleeping attires, and tones of beauty products just in case. But if you want to truly unwind and relax while traveling, try to remember that a Hawaiian beach is not a New York Fashion Week runway, but a place where you can get comfortable and forget about the rest of the world. It is, therefore, recommended to pack just the things you absolutely need, instead of filling your entire suitcase. After all, it is better to have some extra luggage space for an artisan sari from Bali or a bottle of that special flaming-hot sauce from Mexico.

Get active

Relaxing on holiday does not have to mean you need to lie on the beach all day and read your favourite book all night, however fun that sounds. It can be also achieved by taking up some physical exercises, as sport is responsible for releasing endorphins and reducing stress hormone levels. Depending on location, you can try hiking, diving, surfing, biking, or horseback riding.

Have a cooking class

Culinary tradition is an important part of any culture. There is a lot you can learn about a country through observing food preparations and tasting different dishes. And if you want to go one step further, you can enroll on a cooking class and learn how to prepare authentic Thai curry, Mexican tamales, French coq au vin, or basically any delicacy your holiday destination is known for.

Get enough sleep

Between everyday duties and work it is hard to keep a regular sleeping schedule. On holidays, however, you should try to have at least eight hours of a good night sleep. Sightseeing and collecting new experiences comes much easier and is definitely more enjoyable when you are well-rested.

Switch to the offline mode

There is no denying that we have grown very attached to tech gadgets and many of us can't imagine going on holidays without their tablets, computers, and smartphones. While they can make a 10-hour flight more pleasant, these gadgets belong to a hotel room, not the beach.

These six simple tips for wonderfully relaxing vacation will undeniably help you enjoy your next holidays a bit more. Would you add something else to the list?

My Reconnection Experience

Posted by Jill on Monday, March 7th, 2016 6:26 PM

Initially I felt heat around my head and an impression of light pressure at the top of my skull as though there was some sort of covering there with a boundary line across the middle of my forehead horizontally. I also felt a twinge or ‘poke’ (again very lightly) on my face, at the base of my left jaw. As I was aware of the practitioner moving around me I began to feel very subtle sensations at first, down my arms and legs, slight tingling, and occasionally a sense of pulling, like a string being gently tugged (this was mostly felt down the arm and leg of my right side). At one point I felt the unmistakeably sensation of something sweeping or brushing against the surface of my leg, like something being swiped over it. It didn’t necessarily feel like hands, but had a weight to it, more dense and definite than the earlier subtle sensations. There were three of these, one at the top of my leg, the next further down, just above the knee, and the third below my knee, each time on the right side. Later I felt what I can best describe as a sensation of raindrops down my right leg (mainly below the knee). Although I didn’t feel any wetness, the sensation was akin to water droplets in its flow and movement, and how I perceived it. My body felt relaxed, and indeed very heavy, as though I couldn’t move it if I tried. But very peaceful, very loving. It was as though the energy was holding me, and supporting me at the same time. Like being enfolded in wonderful, gentle, warm and overwhelmingly loving energy. As the practitioner moved around my body I felt this energy building and gaining momentum until ultimately I had the sense of being encased in a kind of pulsating capsule, the energy was pulsating and throbbing around me and it was intense and tangible. On two occasions I felt hands touching me. Once just below my collarbone on the right side, and the once a sensation of the back of my left hand being stroked.

After the session I soon noticed that an injury in my lower back felt different, noticeably by the absence of any pain on movement and the dull ache that had become ‘normal’. I had been told by my chiropractor that I had damaged my sacro-iliac (SI) joint, and trapped a nerve. The good news was he could treat it, the bad news – he could not cure it. It is an area that doesn’t heal easily due to lack of soft tissue, and therefore will probably continue to be an area of weakness from now on.

I cancelled my final pre-scheduled appointment with my chiropractor because I had no sensation of pain from the trapped nerve anymore. My Reconnective Healing session was almost a year ago, and since that time I have had no further symptoms whatsoever, not even the ghost of an ache! It is as though the injury never happened.

Before the healing I had had seven appointments with my chiropractor. He was brilliant. The adjustments he made reduced the pain considerably. However, by his own admission he could only treat and not cure. When I think how much money I would have spent on ongoing chiropractic treatment I consider the fee I paid for the single Reconnective Healing Session money well spent.

After the session I soon noticed that an injury in my lower back felt different, noticeably by the absence of any pain on movement and the dull ache that had become ‘normal’. I had been told by my chiropractor that I had damaged my sacro-iliac (SI) joint, and trapped a nerve. The good news was he could treat it, the bad news – he could not cure it. It is an area that doesn’t heal easily due to lack of soft tissue, and therefore will probably continue to be an area of weakness from now on.

I cancelled my final pre-scheduled appointment with my chiropractor because I had no sensation of pain from the trapped nerve anymore. My Reconnective Healing session was almost a year ago, and since that time I have had no further symptoms whatsoever, not even the ghost of an ache! It is as though the injury never happened.

Simple Ways to Go Green in the Office

Posted by Amelia on Monday, March 7th, 2016 10:21 AM

If you've decided that it is time to "green" up your office, here are several fantastic and easy ways to make that happen. The best part? Most of these tips won't cost you anything out of pocket to implement but the long term savings and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you've taken the extra step to keep your office as environmentally friendly as possible is priceless.

Use natural lighting

Natural light is abundant and free, so it makes sense to turn off the artificial lights as much as possible during the day. Instead, open the drapes or blinds and let the sun shine in. It goes without saying that you should turn the lights out before leaving for the day so they aren't lighting an empty office when no one is there. If your current office space doesn't provide enough natural light, you may want to consider renting another space that is better suited for you.

Use compact fluorescent bulbs

Incandescent bulbs burn up to 75 percent more energy than compact fluorescent bulbs. The bonus is that compact fluorescents last at least ten times longer than incandescents, so you are saving in more than one way.

Stop using screen savers

Even when you're not at your desk, your monitor is still working hard displaying that nifty screensaver with the pictures you took on your last family vacation. You can save a significant amount of energy -- and money -- by adjusting your monitor's settings to power off rather than go into screen saver mode.

Allow telecommuting

Commuting takes a massive toll on the environment, so if your business can, it's a good idea to encourage telecommuting. Your employees will consider it a benefit and will appreciate the chance to work from home even if it is on a limited basis.

Encourage a more casual dress code

All of those fancy suits and business attire can only mean one thing: dry cleaning. As you probably know, dry cleaning requires the use of several chemicals that are bad for the environment (unless you can find one of the few 'green' dry cleaners out there).

Use digital over paper

Many offices rely heavily on printers. Try to examine whether it is always necessary to print out a hard copy of every meeting agenda, employee manual or calendar when all of these things can easily be put online and accessed by your entire team.

Purchase remanufactured ink and toner cartridges

For those times when you absolutely must print out a hard copy of something, make sure that your printer is stocked with the right ink or toner cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are more than 15 percent less than the cost of brand new. In addition, each cartridge that you buy remanufactured saves more than 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic as well as almost half a gallon of oil from being wasted during the manufacturing process.

Adjust the thermostat higher in summer

It is customary in a good many offices to set the thermostat as low as possible in the summer in order to combat the heat outside. But often, the temperature ends up being colder than necessary. For instance, during the summer most women will keep a sweater at their desk to fight off the chill of the air conditioner. Instead of wasting all of the energy it takes to make the office so cold, simply bump up the temperature a few degrees.

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