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 2-03-2011 11:05:10 PM
From: United Kingdom


“Social Entrepreneurship” is a phrase that you might not be familiar with, but it is quietly starting to become the most powerful business model in the 21st century.

“Is it possible to eradicate poverty? Provide health care to everyone in the world? Ensure good education for every child? These are the questions we ask today, our visions that might seem beyond reach today, but we can change the world in ways that seem unbelievable.

Social Entrepreneurship is an exciting, new business model that addresses global problems like poverty, malnutrition, clean air and water, as well as healthcare. Mannatech has embraced this strategy so that we can together change the world!

This is how: we have chosen the number one health risk children face today – malnutrition. By using innovative new technologies and a revolutionary “donation through consumption” strategy that supports our Give for Real program.

Mannatech offers the possibility of abundance. This means physical wellness, purpose and freedom for people. Physical wellness for themselves and others they love and care for. Purpose by having a burning desire, to be part of something bigger than themselves, to make a significant difference in the lives of others. Others dream of freedom, freedom from a job, to work from home and spend more time with their family. It might be the desire to have financial freedom through a part-time or a full time business.

The interesting, unique and powerful thing about Mannatech is the possibility of finding solutions for abundance in all the areas of life: health, purpose and finances simultaneously.

A wellness plan for life

Is it possible to be truly happy and experience abundance if you or anyone you love is in poor health or facing health challenges? We are all aware of the fact that the average diet does not provide the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables required to receive enough of the essential nutrients to stay healthy?

Everyone can clearly benefit from better nutrition and more activity and just think of the impact it will have on health costs if we are all healthier.

Mannatech’s Real Food Technology solutions offer you the best standardized and naturally sourced alternative to synthetic nutrients. Make the best choice now and take control of your family’s health through consumption of science-based products.

Living with a purpose: The Social Entrepreneurs Movement

If and when you understand the powerful gifts of Mannatech’s technologies, you have a responsibility to make a difference and spread the message of hope. Do we use it for only creating financial opportunities or are we responding to a “higher calling”?

Considering the global challenge of malnutrition and undernourishment you can not dismiss the potential impact of Mannatech’s products through the Give for Real program.

To be a successful Social Entrepreneurial Global movement you need to comply with the following criteria all of which Mannatech has addressed.

1. Identify a global problem
2. Provide an new solution
3. Connect to a cause that is important to the public and that they feel passionate about
4. Economically incentivize the public to help drive your mission to the ends of the earth

Why me? How can I be a Social Entrepreneur?

We are giving all the time, to our kids, causes and people in need. It is undoubtedly better to give than to receive, it feels good to give and to put other’s needs above your own.

Is it seen as personal gain to earn an income or to advance in a career? Is it clashing with your giving nature? Can these to activities work together? Absolutely by being a Social Entrepreneur you will bring these to activities together.

Regardless of the size of the business whether it is an individual, small business or a large corporation, social entrepreneurship creates a business plan where the end result not only grows the business but also supports a huge global need.

Would you like to do more?

Mannatech encourages YOU to become and social entrepreneur to work together to make a difference. You choose whether you want to participate on a small scale or in a huge way. The more you do the more you will benefit and the more people you will impact.

In conclusion I leave you with the words of Sam Caster, founder of Mannatech:

“When we simply
observe the problems
around us, we say,
‘ That’s Life.’ When we
create the ability to solve
those problems, we say,
‘That’s living’


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