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Catherine MacDonald--Spiritualist Medium/Psychic Advisor
Available for private readings, psychic parties, and corporate events. In Person, Online, Telephone, Email Psychic Readings available.
Toronto, Ontario

St. Anastasia Integrated Healthcare
St. Anastasia Integrated Healthcare is a sole proprietorship, owned by Julie (Yi-Hsun) Chuang.
St. Catharines, Ontario

Jurock Enterprises
Hope - Abundance - Prosperity Our goal is financial independence, freedom, and to help others reach the same. ==>Come and Join us! Our team utilizes KISS! Keep it Simple for Success!
Sechelt, British Columbia

Essential Aura Aromatics Ltd
Distillers of Artisan Organic Essential Oils. Organic supplier of Hydrosols, Volcanic Clay, Shea Butter, Sea Salts and Carrier Oils
Nanaimo, British Columbia

Independent Distributor for HTE products
Total Health Management with the Chi Machine, the FAR Infrared Rays Hothouse and the Electro Reflex Energizer. Patented and approved by Health Canada. Easy to use in the home, office, spa or clinic.
Oakville, Ontario

Porch Magazine
Porch magazine: Laugh, inspire connect. Weíll share with you simple ways to connect to your kids, family, friends, neighbours and yourself.
Nelson, British Columbia

Total Renewal
ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR HEALTH? Then the Chi Machine & HotHouse are your answer! CHI yourself to health by oxygenation the blood, and far infrared heat to manage pain. Good for destressing too.
Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Heather Wolfe, ND (Naturopathic Doctor)
Providing Complete Health Care. Lab testing, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional supplements and Dietary counselling and more. Improve your health naturally by treating the cause.
London, Ontario

Superior Homoeopathic and Herbs
Speciality in treatment of diabetes, Inferility, impotency and the disease of skin aand joints. We emloy classical/radionic homoeopathy, Accupunture, Aure vedic, unani and chinese herbs.
Surrey, British Columbia

Miorganic - ONE Group - Independent Representative
The world's first certified organic health, skin, body, oral care and cosmetics Fabulous earth friendly products with a 15 day money back guarantee - You won't be disappointed!
Windsor, Ontario

Natures Sun Shine
to provide 100% pure herbs and vitamins money back guaranty, providing great services and great business opportunity as your helping others. customer satisfaction guaranty!!! act now.
Vancouver, British Columbia

services vitalite
combining a variety of bodywork and Massage therapy styles including Shiatsu , deep tissue massage neuro muscular etc. solutions for chronic pain,also onsite wellness programs 25 yrs exp
Montreal, Quebec

Wealth Masters International
We have a holistic aproach to wealth creation. We only invest in companies that are earth friendly, and will be benificial to man kind and the earth. We believe in health, and then wealth. We do both.
Beeton, Ontario

Jim Lewis - Rolfing, enr.
Offering deep tissue bodywork (Rolfing) sessions to improve posture, balance, athletic performance,well being and relief from chronic pain. Independent Consultant for Tahitian Noni products
Montreal, Quebec

Healthbreakthroughs Ezine
Why leave your health to chance...when you can be on the cutting edge of health ---Optimal health!
Orlando, Alberta

Dr David Bayfield at Coastal Chiropractic
A holistic approach to health through chiropractic.22 years of experience using a variety of techniques for maximum effectiveness and comfort. We treat you like a person not a patient.
Victoria, British Columbia

Food Health Spectrum - Food Cure for Cancer
Food Cure for Cancer Patented Activated Zeolite is lead item in food cure for cancer food items basket with MLM.
Philadelphia, Alberta

Personal Aromatherapy Blends
A Professional Aromatherapist has created a series of custom blends. From the physical to the aesthetical; plus a "Signature Series" of creams, lotions, & perfumes.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Scent-Sations, Inc
Home of MIA BELLA'S Cleaner Burning Gourmet Candles & other fine gourmet products. Made using a special formula of vegetables & other natural, renewable materials. Longer burning~virtually soot free!
Nanaimo, British Columbia

PeTrenz Pet Products
PeTrenz Pet Products supplies planet friendly bio pet waste bags to pet friendly accommodations, dog walkers, daycares, groomers, vets, garden centres, health stores,retailers and more!
Port Moody, British Columbia

Check us out!
Winnipeg, Manitoba

*HB* Consulting
Assisting others in the genuine discovery, understanding & betterments of the Energy of You; your Environment, Body, Self & Spirit! Have You Had Your Whole-istic Check-Up Lately?
Edmonton, Alberta

Medical Botany Research
My company writes natural health product license applications for manufacturers and distributors of natural health products to acquire NPN's; enabling you to sell health products in Canada.
Tsawwassen, British Columbia

Holistic World Expo
Featuring International leaders and speakers, hundred(s) of exhibitors and countless hands-on demonstrations that present you with a well-rounded view of holistic health benefits. March16-18,2007
Mississauga, Ontario

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